Women Who Sarcast

Cut To The Chase: Swearing 101

August 09, 2022 WWS Productions Season 1 Episode 208
Women Who Sarcast
Cut To The Chase: Swearing 101
Show Notes

Do you relieve stress by throwing F-Bombs? Or are you a closet swearer? Wherever you are on the swearing spectrum, you are in the right place.

In this episode of Cut To The Chase, Kathy and Cori talk all things swearing and how it can provide people with a bit of emotional relief. They also discuss how swearing is a sign of intelligence and creativity and people that swear are actually more honest. The hosts share their favorite swear words and give a few tips for all you swearers out there. 

Tune in to find out if Jesus swore at Judas (according to Cori), how you can spice up your swearing by using Scottish insults, and what Kathy actually calls the Next Door app.

Tell us how you practice swearing. Is it mindful? Reckless? Email us at womenwhosarcast@yahoo.com. Inquiring minds wanna know!


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