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Real Deep Sh*!: The Anarchists - Part Two

August 16, 2022 WWS Productions Season 1 Episode 209
Women Who Sarcast
Real Deep Sh*!: The Anarchists - Part Two
Show Notes

Tune in to this week's episode of Real Deep Sh*! when Kathy talks about the last two episodes of the HBO docuseries, The Anarchists.

Refresher: the docuseries follows a group of anarchists from the United States to Acapulco, Mexico where the Canadian entrepreneur and dot comer Jeff Berwick started a conference called “Anarchapulco.” This conference attracts libertarians, fugitives, and those that are attracted to the idea of creating a life free from government control and are also interested in cryptocurrency.

Kathy sums up the docuseries, Anarchapulco, and shares her opinion of Jeff Berwick (it's not a good one). She doesn't give any spoiler alerts but does talk about some of the interviews that were shown in the docuseries.

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