Women Who Sarcast

Cut To The Chase: Intrusive Thoughts

August 08, 2023 WWS Productions Season 2 Episode 3
Women Who Sarcast
Cut To The Chase: Intrusive Thoughts
Show Notes

We're baaaaaaaack!

Kathy and Cori are back to Cut to the Chase with some intrusive thoughts.

Do you have intrusive thoughts? You know the ones - they may be disturbing, detailed thoughts about something happening to you in the moment (like falling down the stairs) or what could happen in the moment (like veering off a cliff).

Kathy and Cori go from talking about their intrusive thoughts to falling in the tub to scenario creation - it's a progressive conversation! Tune in to find out what type of vehicle Kathy would like to drive to curb her road rage, why Cori's family thinks her intrusive thoughts are becoming premeditated, and their call to action for listeners.

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