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Don't Blame The Mom w/ Kate & Hannah

October 03, 2023 WWS Productions Season 2 Episode 9
Women Who Sarcast
Don't Blame The Mom w/ Kate & Hannah
Show Notes

Are you a true crime fanatic? Have you always wondered how true crime podcast hosts decompress from so much murdering?

Kathy talked with Kate and Hannah, hosts of the British podcast Don't Blame the Mom, about how they got interested in true crime, what they do to decompress from always researching serial killers, and the misconceptions that people have of the Irish and Brits.

Tune in to find out the difference between British and American humor (or is it humour), why Kate thinks a bogey man lives in her attic (and why she's okay with that), and what celebrity houses Hannah hit up when trick or treating as a wee lad (hint: Absolutely Fabulous and nature documentaries).

Caution: Be prepared to laugh so hard your side will hurt. We don't recommend operating heavy machinery while listening to this episode.

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