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Three Kitchens: Holiday Edition

November 07, 2023 WWS Productions Season 2 Episode 12
Women Who Sarcast
Three Kitchens: Holiday Edition
Show Notes

Warning: this episode will make your mouth water and your stomach growl.

Erin and Heather, hosts of Three Kitchens podcast, joined Kathy to share their holiday traditions and recipes (along with a few funny stories).

Not all recipes that they talk about on their podcast gets a gold medal. There is one (or two) recipes in particular that gave the home cooks an "eww" factor and wasn't quite on the podium.

Tune in and find out what Heather likes to do as a holiday tradition (it's quite "puzzling"), why Erin doesn't have a traditional holiday meal (it's whole turkey Tuesday at her house), and the two dessert recipes that they both love to eat every year.

Check out their podcast and the plethora of recipes at threekitchespodcast.com and follow Erin and Heather on IG @three_kitchens_podcast.

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