Women Who Sarcast

Kill Your Alexa

January 02, 2024 WWS Productions Season 3 Episode 1
Women Who Sarcast
Kill Your Alexa
Show Notes

Welcome to Season Three of Women Who Sarcast!

There's a new co-host in podtown!

Please give a warm sarcastic welcome to Chelsea Pegues! She'll be co-hosting with Kathy for the first episode of the month.


Instead of starting the new year with sharing wellness tips, mindset reframing, or the word of the year,  Kathy and Chelsea talk all things conspiracy theories.

What are they? Why do so many people believe them?

If you could create a conspiracy theory, what would it be?

Kathy and Chelsea share their own conspiracy theories and the stories behind them. Hint: Chelsea discusses the Mandela Effect and Kathy talks about how frogs are in cahoots with the Lizard People. 

Tune in and find out what scientists at CERN may have done, why Birds Aren't Real, and why people think Sinbad did a movie version of Shazaam.  

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