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The Placebo Effect & A Twisted Relationship

February 06, 2024 WWS Productions Season 3 Episode 4
Women Who Sarcast
The Placebo Effect & A Twisted Relationship
Show Notes

Have you liked a novel so much that you highlight, underline, and stick post-it notes all over the pages? Well...

Chelsea made Kathy read the book Wellness by Nathan Hill and they are here to talk about it.

Wellness is a layered, slow burn, page turner of a book which warrants you to have a pencil and/or highlighter at the ready. There are a ton of juicy tidbits that you'll want to go back and read over and over again.

Kathy and Chelsea both share their favorite sections of the book. Chelsea discusses the dysfunctional relationship between Jack and his mother Ruth and how she resonates with the dynamic between the two. Kathy shares her thoughts on the Wellness clinic which is all about the placebo effect (or as Elizabeth likes to call it "the meaning effect"). 

Tune in and find out why Kathy and Chelsea love the book so much and highly recommend you read it now. You'll also discover why Chelsea was personally affected by the mother/son relationship and what part of the book actually blew Kathy's mind. 

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